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Ready for having your Channeling going to the moon ?

The new GFA calculator is analysing the Bazaar for you and point which gotchi renting is the best regarding your parcels arrangements (Altar levels ) and the number of gotchi you own. It displays when your next chanelling window is opening and the number of chaneling you are gonna be able to perform with those recommended rentings.

Don't loose ROI ANYMORE and MAXIMIZE your lands 😉 !

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When a row is with this background, this mean that both gotchi & realm are ready to be channel.
Total GHST Profit: If you channel on this aaltar each time on a day basis
Example: If the ghst profit is 1,35 GHST for a gotchi that can channel during 3 day in a row, you need to channel during 3 days with this gotchi on the correct aaltar to got the total GHST profit displayed


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Parcel ID Name District Aaltar level Next Channeling ID lending assigned Kinship Ratio Channeling UpFront Split Borrower GHST Profit / Channeling Total GHST Profit Lending period Date End Lending Channel details